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My career as a Relationship Coach began in 2004 when I participated in an intensive 6 month coaching & leadership program.   I went on to expand my training and led transformational seminars for 3 years while coaching many people from all walks of life. My marriage separation in 2003, and eventual divorce, was a major motivation for wanting to expand myself.  I realized that although I was successful in some areas of life, my current way of thinking was limited.  I realized that limits in my relationships impacted every area of my life and I simply wanted more out of life.  From that point on, my life’s commitment has been to develop myself personally and spiritually and to help others do the same.

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My philosophy as a relationship coach is quite simple:  Addressing the source of challenges instead of treating the symptoms.  If you think a problem is outside yourself you will look for the solution there.  Once this happens, trying to fix and change other people or circumstances seems to make sense but the reality is quite different.  I can’t think of anything more hopeless than waiting for someone or something to change.  It simple doesn’t work long term, and never will, but we keep trying anyway not knowing what else to do.  Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  Changing how you think and learning new tools to apply to those “difficult areas” is crucial.  The only thing you truly have control over are your thoughts, and those thoughts are what determines your experience of life.  When we confuse our perception for fact, it keeps the focus on the symptoms and a meaningful solution is never achieved.  I help people stay focused on the source of challenges instead of wasting time on the symptoms then work as a team to create the life they want.

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